McDonald's App - FAQs


What is this app for? 

In addition to providing information on our products and restaurants, we also offer app users many interesting offers. This is an app for our loyal McDonald’s customers. 


I have no internet connection, I cannot use the app 

An internet connection is required to ensure you are viewing the most recent information in the app 


I have no network in the restaurant, how can I redeem my offers? 

To redeem an offer, simply activate it in an area with a connection (for example outside for a better 3G connection). The offer will remain visible for a set period of time even after disconnecting from the network 


My application won’t work 

If this happens, we would recommend: 

• Restart your phone as a first option 

• If this doesn’t work, you could uninstall your app 

• Lastly, contact customer services (1900 9001) for help 




I activated the offer but did not have enough time to redeem it. Can I re-activate it? 

We are sorry, in this case the offer is lost, you have a certain period of time when you click on redeem offer. Some of our offers are repeated; please refer to the terms and conditions. 


When I activate an offer the golden coin and the timer are not displayed and the page describing the offer gets closed. 

If you have activated the offer on your phone but with another account, this is normal behaviour as it is not possible to activate the same offer twice on the same phone but with different accounts. 


If this is not the case then please contact us via 1900 9001 


Why am I not allowed to use 2 offers in the same transaction? 

At this stage, you are only able to use 1 offer per basket


I have forgotten my password and my identification email. What can I do? 

You can reset your password by entering your email address in the ‘My Account’ menu in the app. Contact us by using the form below in case you have forgotten your email address or don’t receive the link.


Why does McDonald’s want to know my phone number? 

The phone number enables us to identify you as a unique guest and helps us avoid the creation of multiple accounts. McDonald’s will never use it for commercial purposes.


My password is displayed as 4 dots **** but my password contains more characters. Has the correct password been registered? 

Yes! The 4 dots are just to show that your password has been registered, however long it is. You will be able to reset your password in the ‘My Account’ menu should you forget it one day.


I want to delete my account 

Not a problem, simply contact us using the form below and we will reply as soon as possible