in Quality

we demand
quality ingredients

All McDonald's@, sources only the best products from designated suppliers, all of whom are subjected to strict standards, then prepares this quality food in a hygienic manner.

We understand that the tastiest food can only be made from foodstuff of the highest quality. McDonald's maintains a policy of the strictest quality control with regard to all our raw material, from vegetables to livestock, including sows, cows and chickens.


• Regularly checked for freshness and quality

• Only ever treated with appropriate amounts of permitted pesticides and fertilizers

• Regularly checked for levels of bacteria



• The farms are kept scrupulously clean, well-lit, ventilated and at controlled temperature

• Ready access to fresh water and feed

• Feed must be provided in a trough to prevent contamination

• From raising the animals to transporting them, only trained staff carry out these tasks


we demand
strict procedure

Strict procedure while processing food can produce quality of the highest degree. Rigorous supervision at every step of the procedure ensures freshness and hygiene.

Quality Control
• The best and fresh ingredients are used.
• The strict temperature and time control throughout the entire production process.
• Compliance to microbiological standards.
• Effective Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program and Good.
• Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in place and all workers are well-trained.

All McDonald's@ products, from the selection of ingredients through preparation and cooking, comply with the most stringent food safety and quality standards. Every procedure is monitored thoroughly to ensure that we serve top quality, tasty food.